Ian Thomas is sought after engineer in the Family

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Family welcomes soon new, young blood. Singer and actor Ian Thomas joins the cast as Elias Van Wilder, a swift engineer, especially the women, will know to charm. Ian played in the past in the VTMKZOOM-series cat’s eye and played as a child a guest appearance in Pitch. The role of Elias is his first major tv role, a new challenge, and he has no second doubts.

“I immediately said a resounding ‘yes’ then me, the question was posed to the cast of the Family to join”, says an enthusiastic Ian. “I am, of course, with the series growing up, and it seems to me to be very fine to have such a smooth, optimistic guy like Elias to play. The men see him not so happy, but the women he falls in the taste. That will still for fireworks (laughs). I feel totally ready for this new adventure.”

Elias, the character of Ian, this spring has been brought into the Family. He takes up residence in the house of Stefanie (Jasmine Van Hoof and fill the empty room of Evy (Marianne Devriese). In the ladies falls for the handsome engineer immediately in the taste, the enthusiasm of Guido (Vincent Banic) and Quinten (Maxime De Winne) is, however, far to seek. Elias is candid and aimed his arrows especially on Stefanie. She goes in to his advances or not?

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