France and Germany sign a new treaty of friendship ‘for closer co-operation’

9b3a53d31fe2a828a4f0287b6bc26c63 - France and Germany sign a new treaty of friendship ‘for closer co-operation’

The new treaty of friendship that Germany and France Tuesday signed will ” contribute to the creation of a European army’. That said, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel at the signing of the treaty of Aachen in germany. Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron were on their arrival booed by some 120 yellow vests.

The new treaty is, according to Merkel, is necessary ‘in the light of the growing populism and nationalism in Europe’. “The document should give answers to the challenges of today,” says the chancellor.

Merkel pointed out that with Britain for the first time a country leaving the EU and multilateralism worldwide more and more into question. Therefore, there is a response from the EU is needed, and a reorientation of the German-French cooperation.

The new treaty specifies that Germany and France will make every effort for a common foreign and security policy. In addition, the integration of the two economies deepened. Also at the European level, cooperation will be strengthened.


The treaty of Aachen – the city of Charlemagne, who in the early middle Ages a great part of Europe united – builds on the Elysée treaty of 22 January 1963. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and French president Charles de Gaulle bezegelden thus, when the friendship of the former erfvijanden.

In the margin of the signing Tuesday showed the yellow vests. They cried, “Merkel muss weg” and ” Macron démission’. Members of the linksradicale party the left (die Linke in Germany founded in september the movement ‘Aufstehen’. They try the French protest movement now in Germany.

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