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Fernando Alonso after the F1-farewell: “I don’t regret my decisions”

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Fernando Alonso has let us know that he does not regret his move to McLaren in 2015, he stressed that his move was seen as a ‘mega-decision.’ By the end of 2018 took the two-time F1 champion (for now) farewell to the Formula 1

After five years, eleven victories and without a third world title went to Fernando Alonso at Ferrari, with doors slamming in the direction of McLaren. How he is in the band from Woking perish is to know in the meantime, we also all but laments the Spaniard then transition does not.

In fact, he thinks that anyone in his shoes would have been the same logic would have followed. An often-heard comment from the career of two-time world champion is, however, that, in addition to his massive capabilities as a rider also has excelled in the in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I think that in the Formula 1 is only one winner and all the rest are no winners,” said Alonso. “I’ve got a bit of bad luck in a few races but without glass bulb, it is not easy to make decisions.”

“Once your chapter have closed, it is easy to talk to. I’m in 2010 to Ferrari pulled but I think ten out of ten riders at the time, that choice would have made. When I was in 2015, McLaren went I in 2014 the whole year heard what a good choice I had not made for the turbo engine of the Ferrari was not good.”

“McLaren and Honda had a year of development behind its back in 2014, that was a mega-decision. I had heard good things and I think that nine out of the ten riders, too, would have chosen.”

Alonso don’t want to regret looking back on his career and stresses the fact that there are still riders with a record of achievements that is not necessarily an accurate picture outlines of their career.

“I don’t regret my decisions, I am happy with the decisions I have made. The only one who is happy is Lewis Hamilton, and whether you are second, seventh and twelfth are not at all.”

“I have two world titles and nine podiums achieved and I have been friends with a lot of talent, like Nico Hulkenberg, with zero podiums. Sebastian Vettel has also been a long time not won. Max Verstappen, zero titles. Ricciardo, great talent, zero titles.”

“They probably had all the bad luck, but that is just how sport and the F1 works.”

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