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Chinese talent is ontwikkelingsrijder at Renault F1 team

940bce31947861747cfc8c74b66ea067 - Chinese talent is ontwikkelingsrijder at Renault F1 team

The Renault F1 team confirmed today the Chinese rider Guanyu Zhou as ontwikkelingsrijder.

Guanyu Zhou is a promising 19-year-old Chinese who in recent years participated in the European Formula 2. From 2019 onwards will, in addition to his participation in the Formula 2 are also part of the Renault Sport Academy. In that role he will also take the role of ontwikkelingsrijder.

“We are very pleased that the Guanyu as a member of the Renault Sports Academy announce and also as ontwikkelingsrijder of us F1 team this year,” said Renault Sport Academy Director Mia Sharizman.

“In the European Formula 3 championship, he has shown that he is an excellent rider. We follow Guanyu since some time now and are very happy that we have him in our program for young riders.”

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