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Belgian spelverdeelster Hind Ben Abdelkader leaves Turkish Hatay after problems with payout

The Belgian basketbalspeelster Hind Ben Abdelkader leaves after a year and a half her Turkish club Hatay, as was her entourage Tuesday know. The basketbalsters would be there for three months not been paid.

Sense to Hatay to stay had the Brussels spelverdeelster of 23 years to own say still, but the financial problems of the club did her decide her contract to break. Turkey has been an economic crisis going on, and there are also the sports clubs affected by it. The American Courtney Paris, while his teammate of Abdelkader, would be for the same reasons, to consider Hatay to leave.

Abdelkader played almost always for her Turkish club, and put an average down to 19.3 points and 4.7 assists per contest. In the Turkish league is Hatay currently second in group B in the Euroleague, the seventh and penultimate. Our compatriot must now find a new club. Previously she played for Waregem, Names and Sint-Katelijne-Waver, in their own country and later for Cadi Le Seu (Spain), Nice (France) and Wisla Krakow (Poland).

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