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What Facebook is all about, you know

e424f654b66ef92e6707e0931cac95e0 - What Facebook is all about, you know

Most Belgians who come online also have a Facebook account. But what do we give in that way, all price? Canvas attracts the after. For those who prefer not to know there are other things on tv tonight.

  • Facebook and I
    (Canvas 21.20-22.05 hours)

Tim Verheyden, the man who Dries Van Langenhove new/launched, takes stock of fifteen years of Facebook. To this end, he travels three weeks a long time around the world with specialists to talk to. Instead of just Messenger to use as everyone.

  • Kinder des Kalifats
    (NPO 2 22.55-23: 55 hours)

Revealing German documentary in which two years as a Syriëstrijder and his family are followed. The man tries to get his sons to following in his footsteps to act and to fight for the Caliphate. As they grow, at least not for gallows and wheel.

  • Pauline à la plage
    (Arte 22.45-0.20 hours)

There are two types of people in the world: people who are this romantic comedy by Eric Rohmer boundless gossip, and people who made the film have not yet seen. If you belong to the second category, take a look anyway, maybe you come to other insights.

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