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TRON will cooperate with advertising giants and the block chain innovator Kiip

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TRON will cooperate with advertising giants and the block chain innovator Kiip

Home News TRON is with advertising giants and the block chain innovator Kiip cooperate

Marcel Knobloch –

The project TRON all-around founder Justin Sun is one of the most complex companies in the crypto space. On Friday, the founder of Kiip described that cooperation with TRON is targeted.

According to the official statement of the TRON Foundation Brian Wong, CEO of Kiip plans, in close collaboration with TRON. On the Friday, held Nitron Summit of TRON in San Francisco read Wong hinted that he planned a revolutionary strategy to the advertising with the help of the block chain technology.

Kiip is a mobile advertising network that consumers are rewarded with material goods on a Vielazhl of Apps in a wide range of subjects, from simple Games to Fitness. Kiip already has some well-known heavyweights in the industry, such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, General Mills, BMW, Campari, force or Mastercard.

Wong is considered to be an Innovator in the world of marketing, he established the concept of “Moment Marketing”. To sprinkle, instead of randomly advertising over a variety of devices, or to advertise exclusively in the Prime-Time, marketed Kiip patterns of the participating brands with the right Timing and thinking to the integration of the user-generated actions to adapt and to optimize. It’s supposed to allow for driving a seconds exact playout of your Ads across all devices (freely translated):

When you least expect it, we surprise you with rewards such as discounts, tips, and virtual currency in their favorite Apps, and connected devices. It is our way of saying: “You’re great at what you do, – Kiip says Thank you!

The mobile advertising platform is used by over 10,000 Apps. Kiip says that the Performance of the played advertising far exceeds industry standards (freely translated):

We address the needs of consumers, based on data collected from billions of interactions in our network. Our approach is unobtrusive and effectively, resulting in an average obligation rate of 20% up to 10x the industry average.

The block chain technology offers the greatest possible transparency, decentralization of data and secure storage of all digital in the network traces. Last year, Kiip up with the world’s largest brewing company AB InBev, the world’s first mobile advertising campaign started with the help of your network.

The Vision of Kiip, and TRON is the consumer, slowly but surely, to the new web 4.0 and to get them used to dealing with digital Assets.

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