Taliban making more than a hundred dead in heaviest attack in months

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In an attack on an office of the Afghan intelligence service NDS are reportedly more than a hundred people died. It is the heaviest attack of the Taliban in the region in months.

The attack in Meydan Sjahr, the capital of Afghanistan’s Wardak province, began around 7.30 am local time (4 pm (Belgian time). A suicide bomber brought a stolen military vehicle, to blast for the secret service. Then stormed at least two armed men in the building and they started around to shoot. Could finally all the archers are killed.

Official figures are missing for the time being. But Reuters news agency reports that the number of dead is much higher than the twelve dead that original question. An anonymous source at the ministry of Defence has at least 126 dead, including 8 members of the elite.

The real number of dead would not be released to the morale of the troops not to harm, as it sounds. President Ashraf Ghani speaks in a communication from ” a number of our beloved sons’.

Sharif Hotak, a member of the regional board, says know 35 seem to have seen it. According to him, there were many more deaths, but the bodies were quickly transferred to the capital, Kabul.

The radical islamic Taliban have the attack claimed by their spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. He has at least 190 dead.


Sunday, in the province of Lowgar, that in addition to Wardak, eight police officers and were ten others injured in a bomb attack. The Taliban viseerden a convoy of the provincial governor, who is unharmed remained.

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