Studio Tarara: the first dramareeks of Shelter

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1993. Behind the scenes of the VTM to lose the actors of the popular sketchshow Studio Tarara is in a spiral of self-destruction. Ricky (Koen De Graeve) is addicted to alcohol and drugs, Sandra (Ruth Beeckmans) to the sex and Jean (Peter Van den Begin) is a lusting for power, pervert. There is hope when both Ricky as Sandra, the love to find, but a mysterious suicide drags the whole studio set up in a research. What happened? Who is dead? And, why?

Studio Tarara is the first dramareeks of Shelter, the production company of Tim Van Aelst, starring Koen De Graeve, Frances Lefebure, Geert Van Rampelberg, Ruth Beeckmans, Peter Van den Begin and Janne Desmet.

The television speaks to the imagination. What happens all there backstage many wonder? Sometimes the wildest stories, and people enjoy it. Our first dramareeks refers to VTM, anno 1993. But Studio Tarara is pure fiction. We play in any case, the history of VTM, though it would be the sketch show – Studio Tarara titled – when perhaps scored! The sketch show, and the backdrop of the VTM forms, literally, the setting of the series, but the story revolves around what goes on behind the scenes of the production happening between the characters and in their private lives. To a spiral of self-destruction, and the impact that that has. Which eventually leads to a suicide, which a lot of questions does not raise and the red wire is through the whole series.

As a director it was amazing to experience the whole atmosphere of the early days of VTM and the 90s back to life to be able to wake up. Four months with an incredibly talented cast & crew day in and day out in those colorful decors and clothing allowed to work was an incredible feast. The result is, however, no comedy show or sitcom, the bears clearly the Shelter signature. I am enormously proud that we our borders have dared to push. Now that fingers cross and wait to see if the press and the public our first dramareeks can taste.”

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