Spice Girls T-shirt made in dehumanizing factory

35492bd1a7d34f44a0bb3e62e76213d1 - Spice Girls T-shirt made in dehumanizing factory

The British girl band Spice Girls is in a media storm ended up by T-shirts that they have to make for the British charity Comic Relief. The shirts would be made in a factory in Bangladesh where the workers are very poorly paid.

The workers would be less than one euro per hour. Also, the conditions in the factory mensonwaardig. Women are abused and mistreated, according to a study that The Guardian is there performed. In addition, it seems that they are by their boss and often the ‘hoerendochters’ are addressed and they would have shifts of 16 hours to run.

On the T-shirts reads ‘#IwannaBeASpiceGirl’. They are part of a day of action in Britain, which raised money for various charities. Both the Spice Girls as a Comic Relief to let us know that they are shocked by the research. The management of the ladies has pledged that an investigation into the abuses in the factory.

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