Ruimtereeks of brains behind ‘House of Cards’ after one season, disposed

2ae1711b7cc631e62ed6482279ed2cc1 - Ruimtereeks of brains behind 'House of Cards' after one season, disposed

Hulu has ‘The First’, the tv series with actor and director Sean Penn on the first manned space flight to Mars, disposed of after only one season. Why the series stopped is wanted Hulu is not lost, even if the mediocre reviews, according to filmsite ScreenRant may have a large role to play.

‘The First’ could, however, extract some of the beautiful names, both before and behind the scenes. To listen the creator of the series to the name Beau Willimon, the (award-winning) mastermind behind ‘House of Cards’. “Oscar” Italian Sean Penn can also some good credentials to submit, and the cast consisted also of established values, such as Natascha McElhone (‘Californication’), Keiko Agena (‘Gilmore Girls’) and Anna Jacoby-Heron (‘Stranger Things’). Also the budget was reportedly not min.

It is only the second series on Hulu that after one season is discharged. Since Hulu no ratings be made public, it is just guess work as to why the series is not renewed, already give the reviews, however, one and the other price. On Rotten Tomatoes given the series a score of 68% and performs under the expectations, that high were when “oscar” Italian Willimon was announced as creator of the series.

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