Rescue toddler from deep pit runs again delayed

954b8db1a857b2919f21643e9fd41595 - Rescue toddler from deep pit runs again delayed

The rescue operation to a two year old boy from a deep shaft in the Spanish Totalán (near Malaga), after eight days still in full swing.

For the rescue mission, Monday, without prejudice to continue, is a 60-meter-deep tunnel is drilled parallel to the deep shaft where the two-year-old boy eight days ago, fell in.

The miners tried last weekend the tunnel to work, but yielded Sunday to a large rock so they slowed down. Monday morning was a depth of 52 meters. In 36 hours time was already more than 35,000 cubic yards of soil moved. “There has never been such a rescue operation like this has taken place in the whole world,” says a specialist from the fire brigade of the province of Málaga.

It is expected that it is now at least 24 hours for them the place where they think that the child is sitting.

As soon as they a depth of 60 meters, have specialized miners have a long connection to the shaft. Since they connect to the hand excavation, it will still take several hours. Will probably Julen, at the earliest, so it’s only on sat night. At this time the technicians how they continued the excavation works the best to address. For the moment it is not clear whether the baby is still alive.

The two-year Julen disappeared eight days ago, when he was while playing in a pit would be cases which is 110 metres deep, but has a diameter of less than 25 centimeters. It comes to a pit, which a month previously drilled was to find water, but it is not properly covered.

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