Recordings third “Fantastic Beasts”movie is unexpectedly delayed

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The shooting of the third part of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” seem to have been delayed. The film would next summer be included, but that it is now autumn. That writes the American entertainmentwebsite Deadline today, based on sources close to the film producer Warner Bros.

Because there is more preparation time needed, the recordings of the third part of the book of J. K. Rowling based the triptych, however, is postponed to the end of the autumn. That may also have influence on the expected release date in 2020. Or this aim still will be achieved is not clear.

It seems that the production team needs more time to make the film satisfactorily to complete. The recently published second part, “The Crimes or Grindelwald” would be also but just to be on time to be completed. David Yates, who also made the last four “Harry Potter”films directed, stays on as director, and the cast was notified, so that their planning can adapt.

There are still not many details about the film known. However, we do know that the third film focused more on the relationship between Grindelwald and Dumbledore will focus on, and that important questions from “The Crimes or Grindelwald” will be answered.

In June it became known that Rowling is already working on the script of “Fantastic Beasts 3”, but she still has no details shared. However, she has announced that a series of five films would be.

Producer David Heyman is in favor of the fact that the series of five films would be. He told me that the change from a trilogy to five films “had nothing to do with the capture of money, but that Rowling is simply too much information had to be in three movies coming up”.

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