Original Dali in Richer Than You Think?

f7250989f8457203009c3440da4a786a - Original Dali in Richer Than You Think?

Staf Coppens is on Tuesday January 22, in valhalla Richer than you Think?: the BRAS-flea market in Mechelen’s Nekkerhal. One visitor is already sure of his piece: “I have an original Dali at”. To the bike that he has, is an exceptional story. His parents received the precious drawing as trouwgeschenk of a family member. But, in the framing there was something wrong. The restaurateur, who is still in training, thought that the signature of Dali not more than a scribble and gomde the pencil lines. A blunder of the turn. The owners had the drawing, therefore, specially to Paris to send, where the famous artist would be present on an exhibition. Since, Dali re-signed. “That the signature is original, I’m so 100% sure”, says the man. Peter Bernaerts, an expert in applied arts, should the special work value.

Tuesday, there is even a great artist represented in Richer than you Think?: Picasso. A man has a vase taken with a drawing that Picasso would be. “These are a lot of fake copies in circulation,” says expert Roger Maes. The man has a good purchase done? The most original means of transport of the day is undoubtedly a melkkarretje. A man comes on the schattingsdag hit with a Volkswagen T2, where his grandfather, that dairyman was in the village, every day melktoer. Almost everything on the car is still authentic: the leather seats, the inscription on the wagon and even the pitchers and bottles on the back seat.

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