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Only degradatiestrijd is still exciting in Ligue 1

950b48647e45b3c224a263ae30ae8142 - Only degradatiestrijd is still exciting in Ligue 1

PSG are already certain of the title, Monaco touch bottom road

Only degradatiestrijd is still exciting in Ligue 1

While Monaco remains the wiggling can PSG the kampioenenviering already start to plan.

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Thierry Henry saves the hands for the face: Monaco is heading yet again to a defeat. Philippe Lecoeur/photo news

PSG are already certain of the title, Monaco touch bottom road

Only degradatiestrijd is still exciting in Ligue 1

While Monaco remains the wiggling can PSG the kampioenenviering already start to plan.

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david van den broeck

BrusselAS Monaco was last season, still second, now it is already months last. And on Saturday suffered the heaviest defeat of the season. After the 0-4 against PSG and the 0-4 against Club Brugge and lost it, this time with 1-5 against Strasbourg. Thierry Henry could for the first time winteraanwinsten preparation. But just the most experienced newcomer, the 36-year-old Naldo, took out all after five minutes, a broken player down and picked up red. The main reason for the humiliation.

He is no longer on the field, but it was not the match of Henry. The French former striker swore at everyone and everything. Just before half-annoyed, he was committed to the tijdrekkende Kenny Lala and insulted his grandmother – ‘La putain de ta grand-mère’. Canal+ put the images on Twitter and wait for Henry may still be a suspension. “I regret my words,” he said the day after, ‘but it was a human reaction.’

Henry also got to the arbitration. There he had a good reason for that. “When the 1-2 was, was there a violation on Rony Lopes in the sixteen. The fourth referee told me that the VAR at that time was not working. Immediately after, showed that VAR everything back in order. We fight all out against everyone and everything, but if something like that there is added, of it.’

Hope Michy

Henry lost his temper and scolded one of his opponents skin full.

Henry was upset about that. You would for less, after their seventh defeat in twelve matches. In front of his players, he was again poeslief. Youri Tielemans he called this time, but the 21-year-old Red Devil allowed himself to remark with a clever assist on Falcao. It was remarkable, however, that the ten-year-old Messi Fabregas immediately conjectured as a patron and thirty baltoetsen more than Tielemans.

Monaco is lucky to Guingamp the worse, but the turnaround must be quick to follow. Henry hopes a few of the twelve an to recover and very soon became his new striker, because his team made up to now less than nineteen goals. Michy Batshuayi wants to still come, it is waiting for the approval and the pity of Chelsea.


The contrast with PSG could hardly be greater. The Parisian club has already thirteen points ahead of the number two (Lille), and two further matching credit. Nothing can PSG still of the title. But that prevented the team not to opponents to remain humble. ‘This I have never experienced, ” said coach Thomas Tuchel Saturday. On the scoreboard at the Parc des Princes adorned a staggering 9-0. And who the match saw, know that Guingamp are still happy if. Now matched the Parisians have their own record in 2016, but the Ligue 1 record in 1935, beating Sochaux Valenciennes with 12-1 – had just may crumble.

It was forty years ago that two players from the same team a hattrick made. Kylian Mbappé and Edinson Cavani made now for that piece of art. Thomas Meunier made his coin in the bag. The 27-year-old Red Devil fell to a quarter of an hour for time, and was the author of the last goal.


In the absence of opposition and the experiments the German coach, with success, on the loose. The system changes the frequency of the clock, in the target exchange Aréola and Buffon each other, Marquinhos shifting between defence and midfield and does the same now also Dani Alves. A good thing for Meunier, both rechtsbacks play.

Despite all of the positive was Tuchel Saturday a sad man. His playmaker Marco Verratti went down with an ankle injury. “And that changes everything. May be he is a few weeks out.’ That would not be so good come true, because on February 12, awaits Manchester United in the Champions League. And that is still the main objective of the Qatari owners.

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