May keeps guns: Brexit on the 29th of march, if necessary without consent

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The British prime minister Theresa May has Monday night in the British house of Commons made it clear that they no intention is the Brexit on the long path to slide. Again she refused a Brexit without agreement. Her ‘plan B’ seems to be very much on her last week weggestemde ‘plan A’.

The past few days had May conversations with various representatives of other political parties in an attempt to find a way out from the total impasse in which the Brexit currently resides. These discussions were used to work on an alternative plan to find for the last week, massively weggestemde Brexit-deal of May. “It is clear that the approach of the government must be different, and we are certainly also prepared the rifle from the shoulder to change it’, put May of shore.

Still, it seems a real ‘plan B’ little talk. So refused May re-a Brexit without agreement with Brussels. The Brexit to postpone until after march 29, refused it equally. Also the hope for a second referendum, if that was already there, some of them right in the bud. We organise a second referendum, it will lose the society, all faith in democracy, ” said May. “Moreover, I do not believe that there is in this House a majority for a second referendum.’

May repeated the promise is there ‘anything will do’ to ensure that there is no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. In addition, she promised, the mps ‘participation’ in the negotiations about the future relationship with Brussels after the Brexit, so after 29 march. “I want to listen to the legitimate concerns of everyone,” assured May. “I know that this parliament feels that it is in the past is not enough involved in the negotiations with Brussels.’

‘Compromise required’

It was the May also have the promise that the Brexit, the standard of living should not reduce the rights of employees should not affect and environmental standards should not erode. How they concretely want to do, that she gave no details. Finally, she announced that she that Europeans who after the Brexit in the United Kingdom want to stay, that request will be allowed to do.

As expected, the opposition very little under the impression of the words of May. “The premier has still not understood how big the defeat is that she was here last week ago,” sneered Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. ‘They do like they understand, but remains at the same time deny real compromising. So think May that it will succeed, when it has only just failed?’

The following days May establish conversations with representatives of the various parties, in an ultimate attempt to convince them. She is still a little more than a week’s time. The debate and the vote on May’s ‘plan B’ to follow on 29 January.

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