London start-up procedure for Europeans who after Brexit want to stay, in spite of technical problems

7dec677adf60442c4307cdbd87ec96d8 - London start-up procedure for Europeans who after Brexit want to stay, in spite of technical problems

The British government has Monday, a mobile application launched that enables Europeans to their request to present after the Brexit in the country to be allowed to continue to work. Though it appears that the app suffered from a lot of technical problems.

At this time a population of approximately 3.5 million European citizens in the United Kingdom. To be able to continue to work or social benefits to the country from the EU is stepped on, they will have the status of ‘permanent resident’ should apply.

The British ministry of Internal Affairs says that they application process as simple as possible. On a smartphoneapplicatie users are prompted to take a picture of their biometric passport and their face to their identity to confirm.

Then they are to a website for their address to register. They can also agree to have their tax situation, to investigate, to confirm their mailing address. In a third phase, they must have their criminal records indicate. A heavy conviction can lead to a rejection of their request.

Migration experts worried

After the testing phase, which between november and december, 30,000 people participated, was the ministry announced that eight out of ten requests in a week’s time were treated. None of the cases was denied, however, had ten percent of the participants three weeks after the end of the test not yet received a reply. “We are on the right path,” said secretary of state for Immigration Caroline Nokes.

However, warn migration experts there the British government, thousands of people in the problems are likely to come if they fail all requests in a timely and efficient manner. ‘The British government must do everything it can to ensure that the rights of all Europeans, even after the Brexit guaranteed, ” says Chai Patel of the Council for the Welfare of Immigrants to The Guardian.

Not for iPhone

Patel: ‘By 3 to 4 million people to request to register, all applications for a particular deadline must be processed, there is a threat in one fell swoop, tens of thousands of people in the illegality will end up. Especially disadvantaged people, seniors and long-term sick leave threatening problems if no additional efforts are made to meet them.”

In addition, the application during a previous test phase suffered from persistent technical problems. Users reported at the end of december, massively, that the function of passports to scanning error messages. The app would also not use are from abroad. Finally, she would only run on smartphones running the Android operating system, and not on iPhones.

Hard or soft?

If the UK still reached an agreement with the EU about the Brexit, will all European citizens who are for 2021 in the UK established the status of permanent resident can apply. On condition that they do so before June 30, 2021.

Without agreeing, therefore, with a hard Brexit, only immigrants who arrived before the Brexit, or the 29th of march 2019, may do so. The deadline for application is december 31, 2020.

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