Karen Damen working out of the spotlight on new album

8596335f2f234b13a2d39397df5c6613 - Karen Damen working out of the spotlight on new album

Former K3 singer Karen Damen working hard at new music. “That’s right. The process is still in an initial phase”, says her management. In contrast to her last album, ‘A Different Track’, there will be no camera crew to her closely.

“There will be no sequel to “Karen Makes A Plate’. Karen wants her album without being in the spotlight. The attention made her last time very insecure, so they are no specific genre, dared to choose. Now she can complete her own thing to do”, said her management. It is already certain that also some guest artists to be heard on the new record. All still remains a secret who the studio will be into it. For ‘A Different Track’ strict Damen, among others, Regi, Tourist LeMC, and Jelle Cleymans.

“There is still no label that the second album will release, and for the time being, there are no concerts planned. Karen wants to focus first on her work for the stage. Then we give the musical plans take shape”, says the.

Despite the good performance of her first album in the charts, the album was three weeks at number one in the Ultratop and stayed 24 weeks in the charts, had the 44-year-old singer and actress quite a bit of criticism to swallow. “I’m not vindictive,” said the singer earlier. “If you’re after eighteen years in Q3, something completely different is going to do, you have to trust you to enforce. I also got a lot of compliments. That means a lot more than a review from a journalist.”

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