Jani takes singer and entertainer Roberto Black hands

484dd0f6733b3640d0f2dba2decf0044 - Jani takes singer and entertainer Roberto Black hands

This week shoot Jani Kazaltzis Robert aka ‘Roberto Black ” (48) and Chantal (53) from Roeselaere to help. Robert is a truck driver, but on weekends he transforms into a singer and true entertainer ‘Roberto Black’. His wife Chantal takes the job of manager. On talent and managing skills missing them, but their style leaves much to be desired. According to Chantal may Roberts daily outfits really is not acceptable: “during the Day he usually around in t-shirts and joggingbroeken and I find that really horrible. I want it more elegant to see.” But also Robert is not always a fan of Chantal and her choice of wardrobe: “I like the style of Chantal too young. They must show that they are 53 years.”

One thing is for sure Jani will not immediately warm for their clothes. “I’ve always said that the years ‘90 the worst period ever was and now everything is just completely backwards… the brands and all. I am ever attacked by hooligans because I have a Kappa-pant wore. And rightly so,” says Jani.
Succeeds Jani to of Robert and Chantal, a stylish showbizzkoppel?

So Man So Woman – Episode 5 on Tuesday 22 medallist at 20.35 on FOUR

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