Ja Rule defends itself in Fyre-scandal: “I have no one ripped off”

86d3406b493b34fcdec2d20d41e3124b - Ja Rule defends itself in Fyre-scandal: "I have no one ripped off"

There is currently very what to do around the infamous Fyre Festival that two years ago was organised. The visitors were then scammed by the fraudulent promoter. Also, rapper Ja Rule was part of the much talked about event, all washes that last his hands in innocence.

Two years ago, the American entrepreneur Billy McFarland on the idea of an exclusive festival to organize the Bahamas. The Fyre Festival had to go down in history as the most luxurious and exclusive festival ever. It was completely different. Founder Billy McFarland promised the biggest names artists, the most famous models and the chicest sleeps, but in reality, paid the visitors thousands of euros for a dragon of a festival that just before the commencement cancelled. McFarland flew for fraud for six years on the prison.

Currently running Netflix, a documentary about the giant fiasco, and the surprise on social media is great. But also the fact that the American rapper Ja Rule in the organization, you may encounter a lot of people against the chest. The 42-year-old American now scrolls all the debt off. “I had the idea that a festival would be like no other. I would never let anyone light up. I offer my apologies, but swear that this was my mistake”, he makes it clear on Twitter.

He also stresses that he is not a penny earned to the devil’s own hand festival. “I have not a dollar earned at Fyre Festival, but the other staff have. I am equally well discussed by Billy McFarland”, sounds.

The rapper of “Livin’ it up’ and ‘I’m real’ expresses his condolences to the people who took part in the festival, but never were paid for their performance. “I feel along with these people, but I have no one cheated and would never do that. Point! And it doesn’t interest me or my words will not be accepted. These are the facts”, it sounds.

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