Israeli armed forces attacked Iranian targets in Syria

576507ebaf0cfa1842e9cdbdd3705551 - Israeli armed forces attacked Iranian targets in Syria

Israel has Iranian targets in Syria to be harassed. That leaves the Israeli army. There would be eleven people have died.

In the night from Sunday to Monday conducted the Israeli air force bombing raids in Syria. Buildings of the special units of the Iranian revolutionary guard corps – the Quds-brigades – have been targeted.

“We have started with attacks against Iranian Quds targets in Syria’, reported the Israeli army. That says that it is a retaliatory action, after the Quds brigades on Sunday a rocket had been fired towards the golan heights. Israel warned the Syrian army to not counter-perform.

According to the Syrian Observatory for human Rights are eleven people died. Two of the victims, according to the British ngo Syrians. The death toll runs as possible.

Iran is one of the parties that the Syrian government forces to support the fight against the rebels and terrorist group Islamic State (IS), just as the Lebanese shiite movement Hezbollah and Russia.

Bombing in Syria are often attributed to Israel, but it rarely happens that the country that attacks itself confirms.

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