Former CIA agent and ‘Argo’-the protagonist Tony Mendez died

8f6552afef5adc27334763411c5c4a04 - Former CIA agent and 'Argo'-the protagonist Tony Mendez died

Tony Mendez, former agent of the CIA and involved in the escape of American diplomats in Iran in 1980, it is Saturday deceased. That made his family Sunday known. The story of the rescue operation was a few years ago, has successfully turned into a film: ‘Argo’ received several Oscars.

The 78-year-old Mendez was suffering for more than ten years from Parkinson’s. The man died Saturday in a verzorgingsinstelling in Maryland. He will be in privékring be buried in Nevada, made his family known.
Mendez was during the Iranian revolution at the end of the 1970s involved in the liberation of a group of American diplomats. The diplomats managed to escape to the Canadian embassy and could eventually flee the country with false passports. The exciting story served in 2012 as inspiration for the film ‘Argo’, with Ben Affleck as a CIA agent.
American foreign affairs minister Mike Pompeo described Mendez as “an exceptionally talented intelligence officer”.
Mendez also brought several books about the CIA. The youngest, that he, together with his wife Jonna wrote, comes out in may: “The Moscow rules: the secret CIA tactics that helped America win the Cold War’.

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