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“F1 fans don’t realize how special the current F1 cars are”

d68a7fdf60c0fafc21d2f22d81b53c7d - "F1 fans don't realize how special the current F1 cars are"

According to Carlos Sainz, who this year Fernando Alonso followed with McLaren, the F1 fans is to focus more on the positive aspects of the sport.

The Formula 1 got the past few years, the necessary critical process of both insiders as well as fans. The spectacle in the sport must be up, something that Liberty Media as a new owner of the Formula 1 also are trying to pursue.

Liberty Media started several initiatives to get the fans closer to the sport and the attraction of Formula 1 to increase. Also the spectacle of the races should be, among other things, by rgevechten and overtaking on the track.

Also McLaren driver Carlos Sainz jr. who believes, though he at the same time that the F1 fans are a little more on the positive aspects of the sport should be allowed to focus.

“I think racing on it is still not good enough. I think we are in the run-up to 2021 still have to work hard to improve the show, more spectacle for the fans and riders, as well as the creation of a hype,” said Sainz, who refers to the reglementswijzigingen that in 2021 planned.

“Now, there is a negative view regarding the racing and the cars but the people forget that we are the past the fastest F1 ever had. No one spoke about it.”

According to Sainz, it is therefore particularly unfortunate that there is still to the past is noted as one does not realize how special, for example, the last season was.

“I get a bit on my nerves of anyone still but about 2004 and how cool the cars were. No one has it, however, about the poleposities of Hamilton in 2018, which were the fastest laps in F1 history,” said Sainz.

“There are also positive aspects to the cars that we are currently racing, we just need to ensure that the racing itself is better. I am sure that the fans that most will appreciate.”

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