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Excuses or hand in his bosom?

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Club Brugge start of 2019 with a thuisnederlaag and looking for explanations

Excuses or hand in his bosom?

Club Brugge has headaches. So convincing the 2018 shutdown, as it turned out, it was against Charleroi. The champion needs to find a declaration.

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Charleroi-coach Felice Mazzu had, players are asked to afbraakvoetbal to play. “We got there frustrated,” said defender Brandon Mechele. Nico Vereecken/photo news

Club Brugge start of 2019 with a thuisnederlaag and looking for explanations

Excuses or hand in his bosom?

Club Brugge has headaches. So convincing the 2018 shutdown, as it turned out, it was against Charleroi. The champion needs to find a declaration.

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Another referee?

Is it still good between referee Boucaut and the Club-supporters? The Walloon Brabant is the bitten dog in Bruges since a few tricky stages in the sene of 2012 and 2013. Yesterday talmde the 38-year-old ref to decisively act against the powerful game and tijdrekken of Charleroi. But the decision to have no penalty to whistle after the wounded hands of Angella was defensible and afterwards had Boucaut won the time of the Charleroi-players are there. Club got 100 minutes to score a goal.

It decorated Club coach Ivan Leko that he has no apologies was looking at the game direction. “This defeat is very surprising,” said Leko. ‘We ended 2018 with good games against Antwerp and Lokeren. Then we had a good internship in Qatar. It was also not a lack of quality, because with the eighteen names today on the sheet were, we should be able to against every team in Belgium to win.’


Where was it then? Charleroi-coach Felice Mazzu admitted that his players had commissioned afbraakvoetbal to play. “We had a plan and my players have the letter run,” he said. ‘At the Club you know that you have the block layer. It may not be pretty, but the three points are holy.”

“We have to go back to the basis of Club: collectivity. With individual actions, we are doing our opponent a little pain’

Ivan Leko

Coach Club Brugge

Defender Brandon Mechele was not a fan of the playing style of the visitors. ‘Charleroi played really annoying, they tried to win time and remained constant. We got this frustrated. The focus was there, however, we were well prepared for this match. Wednesday and Thursday, there was euphoria for the Golden Shoe, today we are back with the feet on the ground.”

The boggy field?

Every year there are problems with the field at the Jan breydel stadium. Through the night with Cercle Brugge and the specific surface in Olympia, it is often too squishy. “The field should not be an excuse, but it was still bumpy and greasy at,” said Mechele. ‘That they should still take a look.’

Also Golden Shoe Hans Vanaken and trainer Ivan Leko admitted that the field is not optimal. The football Club has benefited from a ground where the ball faster to circulate. The past years showed the Club at its own expense a new mat construction. For now, there are no plans in that direction. The terreinverzorgers make is that the current mat to the play-offs. Wait or also chairman Bart Verhaeghe so much patience.

No luck?

A last excuse for the Club: the lack of happiness. Charleroi came through a stationary phase on lead, and was his favourite game to play. Club forced one good chance for the rest Mata against the lat, but saw especially after peace efforts of Ruud Molder, Wesley and Siebe Writers just next to or on the pole end.

“We had opportunities, but went not in”, lamented Stefano Denswil. “They did absolutely nothing to create to the lead. We had the luck not on our side.’

Trainer Ivan Leko wanted nothing about bad luck to know. ‘Good luck, you should also be able to enforce, and that is what we have today is not done.’

Own performance?

That allows the Croat to the core of the problem was: the poor attack of Club Brugge. “Certainly in the first half, we have too little created. I missed freshness and creativity. If you’re going to run with the ball, make the opponent difficult. The build up was too slow and with too many technical errors. In the second half we played something collective, with five to six open chances as a result.’

The difference between the second and the first half was that after a rest Siebe Schrijvers between the lines was. The topschutter Club was offered to all central midfielders – Nakamba, Amrabat, Shaper and Vanaken – in the base to fit. And although Nakamba and Amrabat yesterday, certainly not the worst were realized Leko that two controlling midfielders of the good too much is in home games. Especially if the flanks – Mata and Dennis – not the return that is required.

“We have to go back to the basis of Club”, said Leko. “And that is collectivity. With individual actions, we get too little return for our opponent to hurt. Five to six technical players were today not on the level.’

“The difference with Genk begins to be’, decided Denswil. ‘That the ten points be halved for the play-offs, we should now not doing that. We must in the first place win.’ (blah, kvu, type)

Club Brugge–Charleroi0–1

17’ Angella 0-1

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