British prime minister May seek way out of Brexit-deadlock

50a44e93e17fccc1f99843e31ce9a08a - British prime minister May seek way out of Brexit-deadlock

The British prime minister, Theresa May sets this afternoon, her ‘plan B’ in the house of Commons. Therein will be its next steps for the Brexit explain.

According to the British public broadcaster BBC is trying May in hastily her own Conservatives and the Northern Irish Unionists of the DUP, that the government gedoogsteun provide, behind a possible solution to the scissors.

When her Brexitakkoord last week by a large majority, was voted down, was announced by the prime minister, however, that they have the partijgrenzen would search for a compromise, but that would be for Labour not an option. Therefore, it would be May in Brussels, the Irish backstop want to renegotiate.

According to observers sets May soon be just a ‘roadmap’ towards consensus in the parliament. Thereafter, the prime minister likely to be a kind of ‘neutral motion’, which states that the housing act has taken her speech.

It is expected that members of parliament motion than amend. For example, the different political groups in the parliament the state of affairs, what more to hit back. It would then go to the amendments that a Brexit without the agreement of the table would sweep, and amendments to Article 50 and to suspend the Brexit so until after march 29.

In the meantime, May have some time to members of parliament behind her deal with the EU. At the earliest at 16.30 o’clock Belgian time, she introduces ‘her plan B’ for. The debate and the vote to follow will be on 29 January.

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