Bob Sinclar and Robbie Williams bring together ‘Electrico Romantico’ from

474ff423dd5e32bf3a7845be3bdfe1c6 - Bob Sinclar and Robbie Williams bring together 'Electrico Romantico' from

Last Friday brought two of the greats of pop music, Bob Sinclar and Robbie Williams, together for the first time a new single out. ‘Electrico Romantic’ is a refreshing pop number that the voice of Robbie Williams knows how to unite with Disco and Funk inspired beats of Bob Sinclar.

Bob Sinclar and Robbie Williams met each other for the first time at a benefit evening for the Lycée Français in Los Angeles, where the children of both musicians school walked. After a chance encounter in the elevator, the two agreed together in a studio session in order to plan of which ‘Electrico Romantico’. The song is about how young people (a reference to their own teenagers), more time online on Instagram and Facebook spend than each other in the real world meet.

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