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Wout van Aert vloert Show Aerts after a captivating duel in Pontchâteau

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Wout van Aert has his fourth victory of the year caught. He won in Pontchâteau for Toon Aerts and Michael Vanthourenhout and is a leader in the world Cup. For Van Aert, it is after Ardooie, Bredene and La Mezière his fourth victory of the season: Pontchâteau is his first victory in a klassementscross.

The mire and the mud were in Kruibeke remained. Where veldritfans last week during the Belgian national championship is still a whole weekend of races on a muddy trail thrown were, was there in the French Pontchâteau little brands. On the grasheuvels in the Pays de la Loire, there was a rapid circulation. Mathieu van der Poel showed the most distant movement for what she was and was not at the start. World champion Wout van Aert and fresh Belgian champion Show Aerts were there for their duel in the world Cup to continue: leader Aerts had just seven points ahead Of van Aert.

Aerts in white

His new Belgian sweater could Aerts does not show in Pontchâteau, since he klassementsleider the white wereldbekertrui had to wear. The new-fangled national champion was off to a good start: he popped up behind David van der Poel as one of the first in the field. Wout van Aert was also a good way. Laurens Sweeck took the cup and pulled through, but after a few minutes he held the legs still. There was a pelotonnetje at the end of round one.

Also Thijs Aerts and Michael Vanthourenhout were in the front, but no one really came away. Until the end of round three, when Sieben Wouters adventure drew. But Michael Vanthourenhout rode a moment later the hole closed, what the signal was for Jens Adams to attack. And when it went wrong: on the bars was Lars van der haar at the trap, of which the bulk of the group was held up. Adams, Vanthourenhout, Aerts and Van Aert were gone: the quartet was quickly a gap of around 20 seconds to save.

Van der haar is impressive

Of of Her, angry because of his mistake, reacted as stung by a wasp. The little Dutchman of Telenet Fidea cycling team Lions chased the tempo in the chasing and eventually went solo. In round six of eleven he came to the front, and reconnect, while Corné van Kessel and Laurens Sweeck of the crossing to the four leaders could make. But seven soon became six, because for Corné van Kessel was in the front too quickly. So it became a battle of five Belgians, one Dutchman.

It was not quiet in the new breakaway, because soon dropped Laurens Sweeck a bomblet. Get away didn’t work, and when Sweeck was picked up, he had to even solve. In round eight shook also Aerts on the tree, but Van Aert rode close the hole. No one really came away, the legs were tested: in the absence of Mathieu van der Poel was there for the change a very exciting final.

Aerts and Van Aert riding off

In round nine of eleven came Sweeck, just as Van der haar earlier in the match, falling on the beams. The man from Schriek could after a short chase, and reconnect with his five companions. In the penultimate lap the riders there anyway. Aerts fell twice, at the second attempt he got a bonus because Of Aert as the engine failed on the beams. The world champion was able to after a short effort, and reconnect, the others had seen: the two of us went into the Van Aert and Aerts in the final lap.

Van Aert and Aerts loerden to each other, making Michael Vanthourenhout from the background towards the two leaders rode. Aerts shared a shot out to the bars, but pulling away didn’t work. In the sprint turned out to be Aert the strongest. Aerts was second, Vanthourenhout third.

In the world cup classification is Of Aert’s new leader: he has three points ahead of Toon Aerts. The last race of the regelmatigheidscriterium is next week in the Netherlands Hoogerheide: the two must among each other who the world Cup win. Van Aert can for the third time in four years, winning Aerts would be his first victory.

Van Aert: ‘A relief’

After a difficult season showed Wout van Aert Sunday at last that he is also in a great cross. And so did virtue. ‘This is of course a relief. I do wear the rainbow jersey, but this is a very difficult season. So I am glad that I finally got my first serious cross I was able to win. This course was very tactical: the trick was to remain calm and save energy for the end. That did Show Aerts also. I had all the attacks, and that was hard, but it was worth it!’

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