Two men arrested after blast bomauto in Northern Ireland

bac67c1b344a60c91b752290f1e8c3a0 - Two men arrested after blast bomauto in Northern Ireland

According to the police, the arrested persons in their twenties, a member of the republican splinter group the New IRA.

Last night we went to a car after a loud bang, in flames for a courthouse in the Northern Irish city of Derry. Ten minutes before the explosion was given the police information that went to a bomauto. A quick evacuation of the area followed.

There were no victims. Detectives were able to the wreck to link to the vehicle of a pizza delivery service that earlier in the day gecarjackt was. There was no responsibility claimed.

The police arrested last morning two men, twenty-somethings, on suspicion of involvement in the attack. The research focuses on the New IRA, an offshoot of the IRA.

According to Simon Coveney, the Irish minister of Foreign Affairs, the attack ‘an attempt to get Northern Ireland back into violence and conflict to drag’.

“You should be ashamed. You should be ashamed and stop, ” explains Mary Lou McDonald, the leader of Sinn Féin. She calls the explosion ” a wanton attack.”

New IRA carried out the past years, sporadic attacks. In 2016 came a jailer to life after a bomb attack on his van.

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