Trump proposes renewal Dreamers program, in exchange for Mexican wall

837bd635019bac8e44c16352d78c88fd - Trump proposes renewal Dreamers program, in exchange for Mexican wall

The American president Donald Trump is willing to be the Dreamers program, and the temporary visas for vulnerable people and to extend, in exchange for additional resources for its limes wall. Thus he hopes to end the longest shutdown in the history of the USA. The Democrats have been compromise already rejected.

The Us president, Donald Trump had Friday night on Twitter informed that he is ‘great news’ about the humanitarian crisis on the Mexican-Us border, and the shutdown. When he had his news announced to 22 hours (Belgian time) – an hour later than initially announced was the proposal already leaked in the American media.

Trump proposes to DACA, the program that the so-called Dreamers protects, to extend by three years. Dreamers are refugees who as a minor, arrived in the United States. Thanks to DACA, they are protected against deportation, and they can legally work, but Trump wanted the program abolished.

Also the visa for people with a Temporary Protection Status who are temporarily in the US be allowed to stay because their country is at war – would Trump with three years to extend. This program also wanted to Trump abolish.

Seems that way Trump to give in to an old Democratic requirement. This performs the president, the press, the Democrats, writes The Washington Post.

Democrats: ‘unacceptable’

But the Democrats have the proposal already rejected. That it is only a temporary extension would be unacceptable for Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives.

The New York Times writes that the Democrats would be willing to make a little more than 1 billion dollars extra to provide for ‘boarder-related expenditure’. About half of the money (524 million dollars) would provide for additional infrastructure for ports that are on the border. The rest (563 million dollar) is for 75 additional immigratierechters, that asylum applications should be assessed. There is in that proposal so no question for money for a limes wall.

Trumps electoral promise to create a wall to build at the border with Mexico, has led to a partial shutdown of the federal government. The Democrats refuse the money for the construction of a wall in the budget. Trump refuses to make a law to sign the $ 5.7 billion for the construction of a wall are not included.

The shutdown lasts for four weeks and is the longest in the history of the USA. 800.000 civil servants are affected by it.

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