Trump: “A little bit of global warming is not that bad’

efe0d4c3c8397a28b80dcea962a772fc - Trump: "A little bit of global warming is not that bad’

American president Donald Trump has a solution in store for the snowfall in his country: the warming of the earth.

A large part of the northeast region of the United States groans under the heavy winter weather. Flights are cancelled and roads are closed. A combination of cold temperatures, heavy snowfall and strong winds are the daily life to a standstill.

In the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania is the state of emergency is declared. At the airport of Chicago is a flight from the landing, slid in, without serious consequences. In the state of Missouri was a pile-up reported.

American president Donald Trump recommends everyone to be careful and to stay inside. He concluded his tweet with the announcement that ” a little global warming now not that bad’.

It is not the first time that the president is the warming of the earth in question. Two times before he brought low temperatures and substantial snowfalls as evidence.

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