Thousands of protesters against the name change to North Macedonia

387c93b94ed94756f3dfe209827cdac1 - Thousands of protesters against the name change to North Macedonia

In the centre of Athens, thousands of people gathered to protest against the new name of Macedonia: the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

Next week’s vote by the Greek parliament over the name of Macedonia into Northern Macedonia. The Macedonian parliament approved the new name, ten days ago, all good. Last summer, the two countries reached an agreement on. There was a long disagreement about.

Especially in the northern Greek province of Macedonia find a lot of the residents that the name Macedonia exclusively to the Greek historical heritage.

The demonstration today was called by a ‘strijdcomité for the Grieksheid of Macedonia’. Hundreds of buses from across the country, especially from the north of Greece, arrived in the centre of Athens with thousands of protesters.

Most of the protesters carried Greek flags, a sea of blue and white gave at the Syntagma square to the parliament. ‘Referendum on (the name of) Macedonia was standing on a large banner. Among the protesters were some orthodox groups.

The police was with almost two thousand troops, drones and helicopters on the spot. The city centre was closed to traffic and the metro stations at Syntagma square were closed.

Police officers put all of the wapenstok and pepper spray in a group of right-wing extremists to prevent to the courtyard of the parliament to penetrate. The protesters chanted slogans such as ” politicians – traitors’. They threw stones and firecrackers at the officers. The police got the situation quickly under control.

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