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Team Nordic beat Team Germany wins RoC Nations Cup

60962ffe53d5f8c99f92a28d6240dda7 - Team Nordic beat Team Germany wins RoC Nations Cup

Team Nordic, consisting of Tom Kristensen and Johan Kristoffersson, in Mexico, the Nations Cup of the Race of Champions won.

During the Race of Champions take riders from various classes of racing against each other. It is there on two different days, and fought for a title in the countries and at the individual riders.

In a thrilling final of the Nations Cup, beat Kristensen and Kristoffersson, Team Germany consisting of Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher. Team Germany managed, therefore, there is not a ninth title to conquer.

Sebastian Vettel had to be more recognize in negenvoudig Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen, but Mick Schumacher managed to get in a Vuhl 05 two-time World Rallycross champion Kristoffersson beat, making Germany once again fully in the fight was. It is worth noting that it was Kristoffersson his only defeat of the day was.

In the KTM X-Bows defeated Kristensen then the 19-year-old son of Michael Schumacher, giving Team Nordic in the Nations Cup champion crowned. Today the individual competition.

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