Prince Philip (97) is again behind the wheel – without belt

d39c61050f8813acc0bda387702e69ea - Prince Philip (97) is again behind the wheel - without belt

Prince Philip, the husband of the British queen Elizabeth II, has have to give account to the police, after he was behind the wheel was seated without seatbelts. Two days earlier, he was involved in an accident, where he safely remained.

The police fired into action after newspapers had seen how the prince behind the wheel of his brand new Land Rover Freelander on the royal estate of Sandringham. The prince, who is now 97 years old, had no seat belt on.
A spokesman of the police in Norfolk said that the police was aware of the photos. “The appropriate advice is given to the driver,” she said. “That is in accordance with our usual response as we become aware of such images, of this type of violation.”
The prince had Thursday in an accident near Sandringham, in Norfolk, where Elizabeth and Philip are a large part of the winter. He was unharmed, but was still “shocked”, says a witness. The car he ran a Land Rover Freelander, went over the head.
In the other vehicle, a Kia, there were two women and a baby of nine months. The baby was unharmed. The driver got injuries to the knee, the passenger broke her wrist. The police of Norfolk says that the investigation into the accident. “All necessary measures will be taken.”

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