Olga Leyers and Sieg De Doncker worked closely together for new VTM-program

Olga Leyers and Sieg De Doncker looks in The Newspaper ahead on Around The World With 80-year-olds at the end of January start on VTM. Therein they travel with eight tachtigplussers the world. “We live in a much higher pace. We want to go, go, go. Also for this program we flew in and drew the whole gang, that was, for them, sometimes a lot,” says Sieg. “We have a lot of incentives to record and fast forward, for them it is quickly too much. Did they us on the brakes.” According to Olga, took their time. “We were able to speak five minutes before departure to get up, have a quick sandwich meegrabbelen and then on the bus dress up. The oldsters were three hours earlier to get their hair to curl again quietly to the toilet and their pills to swallow.”

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