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No droomstart for Fred Rutten: Anderlecht loses to AA Gent

0e0b151c17ced641788e84833c568e8b - No droomstart for Fred Rutten: Anderlecht loses to AA Gent

Fred Rutten has his first match as trainer of Anderlecht could not win. With a vertimmerd team he went with the smallest difference down at KAA Gent. Anderlecht took short after a red card for Francis Amuzu the only goal of the match. Newcomer Alexander Sorloth gave the Buffalo’s right away the victory: 1-0.

No Adrien Trebel, Landry Dimata and Peter Zulj in the selection of Anderlecht. New coach Fred Rutten got no gift for his first match with a string of absentees as well, and the difficult relocation to Ghent. He took Ivan Obradovic from the dungeon and put the Serbian on the left, next to the by fans have long maligned Antonio Milic. Prodigal son, Kara was also in the base, on the ten got Pieter Gerkens preference Ryota Morioka. Deep striker was Ivan Santini. At Ghent dropped trainer Jesse Thorup wintertransfers Thomas Kaminski and Alexander Sorloth immediately in the base. Sigurd Rosted was suspended at the back and so started Igor Plastun.

After an emotional statement of support from Gent-goalie Yannick Thoelen and his partner, who earlier this week their daughter lost, and a first study tour was the visiting goalkeeper who is first in action had to come. Thomas Didillon weerde the bang of Jean-Luc Dompé with the fists. That made the Frenchman a bit later also with an attempt of Sorloth, on the Ghent winter training showed that he is the goal knows. But the Norwegian had maybe a few nerves when they debut. Still halfway the first half relished he the ball off of a more awkward Milic, but Sorloth had to search a long time to his left and gave Didillon, as the time for his purpose well to cover.

Gent was the better team in the first 30 minutes, Didillon had also Odjidja of a goal. Only around the half-hour seemed like the Anderlecht of Rutten in the match of football. After a sharp counter led Bakkali for the first great chance for Anderlecht, but Kaminski was pal. Gerkens should try again in the rebound, but got the leather not against the ropes. Anderlecht restored the balance, but a lot of danger there was for the rest not more.

One new face at the start of the second half: Gerkens continued lichtgeblesseerd behind in the dressing room, Morioka was his logical replacement. Anderlecht started the best to the second period. After a corner kick was just a scrimmage and walked out of the Gent-defenders especially the other in the way. The ball rolled to the feet of Najar, but that fell apart.

The game fell silent for a moment, to Yaremchuk just past the hour the nets did vibrate. The Ukrainian sees his party, however, immediately verbrod, the flag was rightly up. It was initially Anderlecht that better in the match seemed to sit down after the rest, but with a small 20 minutes on the clock struck suddenly, everything in order. Less than nine minutes from time grabbed the young man Francis Amuzu two times yellow, and the flankaanvaller should take a shower. The purple & white had the blow not yet well digested, and there was the openingsdoelpunt al. Yaremchuk was a newcomer Sorloth and this time devoured the Norwegian Didillon: 1-0 for the Buffalo’s.

The Inhabitants refused, however, to the cup, let it hang and went with a man less in search of the equalizer. Santini got a dot of a chance is presented, but the Croat kicked right on Kaminski. The steeple was shortly afterwards to the side, reached for Jeremy Doku, the 16-year-old dribbelkont tried, but could not provide the quantity of force.

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