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Mouscron picks up the victory against Oostende

b20c4ccb2d0c75cb527747f20f65cc91 - Mouscron picks up the victory against Oostende

Mouscron has a gold case made with a view to the preservation. Les Hurlus kept with a 2-1 victory and the three points at home against KV Oostende. Benson and the lost son, Taiwo Awoniyi ensured the goals at Mouscron, while Tom De Sutter for the 0-1 had taken care of. The gap between Mouscron and red lantern Lokeren is already six points.

Berenkoud was on Le Furthermore. The 22 protagonists had, however, not a lot of and gave the spectators a swinging stages. Mouscron knew that it was a very good thing could do with a win. Direct competitor Lokeren had heavily lost at Eupen, as Les Hurlus, the three points could thuishouden against KV Oostende was the difference with Lokeren already six points.

The home team started the best and the first real chance was for Mouscron. After a good combination over Amallah, Bakic and Benson came to the leather in Vojvoda. The right back popped in the zijnet. KV Oostende was something to slap started. Deep striker Richairo Zivkovic was by transferitis absent, which Tom De Sutter by coach Gert Verheyen right in the base was dropped. In the first full-fledged attack of KVO was already touch for The Sutter. Boonen brought tight, The Sutter proved his nose for goals still. He dived on to the second pole and pushed the 0-1. It was all ago of 1 October 2017 that The Sutter still scored in the highest football section, when in the service of Lokeren.

Horsing around with The Bock

Mouscron was not of his milk and continued to be the best team. The boys of coach Bernd Storck were particularly threatening via Amallah and Benson. Barely four minutes later, it was again the same. Bakic launched Benson and eye-to-eye with Dutoit missed the mercenary-for-hire of Racing Genk.

Meanwhile, dolde Amallah with The Bock, but really effective were his actions not. There were still a few long shots of Boya who each rushed printed. Leye could twice headlines, but his visor was not properly adjusted. In between was a Race about to be kicked, it was a fun party to follow.

Lost son

After the break, it was all a bit less. The two teams had already given much for the rest. Storck felt that he had to intervene to the full loot to grab. Wintertransfer Taiwo Awoniyi was on for a subbing. The Nigerian played last season at Mouscron and returned after a failed adventure at AA Gent. Goals I with the Buffalo, not really, but the lost son was barely four minutes on the field and the 2-1 was a fact. Though we must also say that there is not really sharp defended the Kustboys. A really final assault came not really of KVO, also already changed Verheyen three times. The visitors were given one big chance. Milovic could stairs from an oblique angle, Butez stood.

The three points are for Mouscron a huge boost. The gap with the red lantern Lokeren is now six points. It was also with a move to Genk, a ” home against Charleroi and a visit to AA Gent in the offing.

KV Oostende will see Mouscron approaching to within three points. The troops of Gert Verheyen had a bad dress rehearsal for the first of two semi finals in the cup on visit for AA Gent next Thursday.

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