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Milestone: Thibau Nys book in France first victory in world Cup and occurs in the footsteps of Mathieu van der Poel

Thibau Nys took his first victory bite in a round of the world Cup. Nys took the Sunday after a sprint in the juniors in the French Pontchâteau for countryman Witse Meeussen and the Spaniard Carlos Blanco.

On the fast and dry course in Pontchâteau, we were a closed race, and continued to be a large group for a long time together. Only in the final stage, knew four riders to get away, and a handful of seconds to take on the rest of the suit. Those four would sprint for the victory and it was Nys who is the fastest showed.

Brand new Belgian champion Ryan Cortjens had a bad day and finished only as the 29th. Thibau Nys is still but the fifth eerstejaarsjunior that a round in the world Cup to his name. Did the Dutch Pim Ronhaar (Koksijde 2017), Mathieu van der Poel (Tabor, 2011) and the French Arnaud Jouffroy (Hoogerheide 2007) and Yannick Martinez (Nommay, 2005) unto him.

Witse Meeussen is the overall winner in the ranking. He won the matches in Berne and Tabor, and finished second in Koksijde and Pontchâteau. Only the best four results counting in the standings in the juniors, so with still a round to go no one passed by can stitches.

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