Johny Voners joins Koen Crucke in La Cage Aux Folles

c2d75f161d5f1853110728333a703b4b - Johny Voners joins Koen Crucke in La Cage Aux Folles

As of October 16, retrieves production company, the Deep Bridge, the Flemish women of the iconic ‘La Cage Aux Folles’ the cosiest theatre in Antwerp, Theater Elckerlyc. The original French play was over the years, many times translated and filmed, but in a Flemish women came to the not yet. Until now.

The leading roles are reserved for Koen Crucke and Johny Voners. The character of Albin is played by Koen Crucke, who is to say that the role of his life, will play as the star performer ‘Zaza’ – the transvestite alter ego, Albin-. Johny Voners , known to the public at large as Xavier from F. C. The Champions, take the role of George. Johny: “In my profession, are encounters with very important. For the first time, working together with Koen Crucke as opponent and with Stany Crets as a director is such a great meeting! In a musical play is also almost new to me. I sing sometimes for years, Aznavour, but now I must probably also the legs, lift!”

No better time for classic ‘La Cage Aux Folles’ from under the dust, director of service, Stany Crets have thought of. After all, it is 35 years since the piece was premiered on Broadway. At that time it was taboo to have a gay couple on stage to play but maybe it is just that controversy that has ensured that the piece until the day of today, still a success.

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