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James Harden leads Houston to a narrow victory against LA Lakers

a082688268d03288bc1cfb20e58bd2b5 - James Harden leads Houston to a narrow victory against LA Lakers

Houston had Saturday night, a renewal needed to be in our own house away from the LA Lakers. Under the impetus of sterkhouder James Harden pulled the Rockets end up with 138-134 at the longest end.

Houston looked almost the entire race at a disadvantage, but won thanks to a three pointer by Eric Gordon an extension from the fire. And it was Gordon with four vrijworpen again decisive. He scored a total of 30 points. This kept Gordon in the shadow of all-star James Harden. ‘The Beard’ was good for 48 points and finished so for the tenth time in thirteen matches, the threshold of 40 points.

When the Lakers were missing the still injured LeBron James and Rajon Rondo. In addition, fell Lonzo Ball in the third quarter with an ankle injury. Kyle Kuzma signed for 32 points.

Houston is provisionally fifth in the Western Conference, the LA Lakers ninth. Leader and champion Golden State came Saturday, not in action, first pursuers, Denver and Oklahoma City. The Nuggets convert for your own audience, staartploeg Cleveland side with 124-102. The Thunder recorded a narrow victory in Philadelphia (115-117).

In the Eastern Conference had the top three no stitches. Milwaukee, the leader, won with 108-118 in Orlando. Toronto took Memphis to the side with 119-90. Number three, Indiana was with 111-99 too strong for Dallas.

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