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Evy Gruyaert: ‘My career is also suffering from migraine attacks’

8fed7787b9cd03de738dc8be60ab6497 - Evy Gruyaert: ‘My career is also suffering from migraine attacks’

Constant headache made her already after a few months stop with her brand new webshop. But the migraine attacks that Evy Gruyaert (39) infest, now her tv career under pressure.

“I often suffer from that severe migraine,” says the presenter to The Newspaper. ‘So much so that it now also has an influence on my professional life. An attack can take several hours. Recently I got one during the recording of Pieces of People. I then have to retreat into a dark space. I get several attacks per month, depending on my stress level. I try to pay attention, but unfortunately, there are also hormonal and genetic causes that an attack trigger.’

‘I notice often that people with migraine only think of severe headaches, but it is much more than that, ” says Gruyaert. ‘When migraine is going to your brain stem are affected. That disrupts all kinds of functions in your body. I notice that I’m slower going to talk, and certain letters difficult said get. I can harder my eyes open, have chills and have to constantly yawn. During such an attack, I am not pleasant company. Fortunately, understands my family that I have, there’s not much you can do. I try to keep under control, but it is not always easy for that situation to accept it.”

‘Choosing not losing’

In the meantime, is Gruyaert not silent. She is back to work for the radio, at the Nostalgia. And for television, she has in addition to the new season of Pieces of People the spin-off Estimate of People waiting. Therein follows Gruyaert antique shops during their work.

“There is also talk of a second season of lion’s den, but, for budgetary reasons, is that still not boot. Working in the media is my greatest passion. Therefore, I chose to stop with my shop, not with my television work. Choosing is not losing, but winning.’

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