Constitutional Court calls Tshisekedi officially declared the new president of Congo

The oppositiekandidaat Félix Tshisekedi has the elect in the Congo, as indeed duly won. That puts the Constitutional Court in an official communication.

With this communication confirms the Constitutional Court, the findings of the electoral commission, which on 10 January, were published. Tshisekedi would the oath as the new president of Congo on Tuesday to travel.

The opposition around Fayulu speaks of electoral fraud. “I consider myself to be the only legitimate president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” she said. ‘I call on the Congolese people and the international community to not to recognize themselves illegal president calls and there are no orders of him to follow. I am calling for peaceful demonstrations across the country against this decision of the Constitutional Court.”

“This is a constitutional coup d’état’, it was decided Fayulu, that the victory claims. Also the catholic church, with its 40.000 observers, stated that Tshisekedi, the election of december 30, has not won. The outgoing president Joseph Kabila, who is 18 years had the power, if not re-elected.

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