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Bitcoin buy at the supermarket: Coinstar makes it possible

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Bitcoin buy at the supermarket: Coinstar makes it possible

Home News Bitcoin buy at the supermarket: Coinstar makes it possible

Marcel Knobloch –

In Germany, the payment with Bitcoin is not Ritten in our daily lives is still far. The adaptation in the international field is still a step ahead. The company Coinstar allows customers in the U.S. to buy Bitcoin in a number of supermarkets.

In addition to corn flakes, Coca-Cola, Apples, and stamps, visitors to the supermarkets can buy in the United States in the future Bitcoin. Coinstar has many kiosks in the USA, and cooperates with the first officially licensed Bitcoin ATM Verteiber Coinme. The vending machines there can be an Option by the customer Bitcoin quickly and easily, without any major detours to buy.

The Roll-Out is already running in several States, including California, Texas, and Washington. To selected Coinstar kiosks in other States, the implementation takes place step by step. Coinstar, the kiosk stands in the country is one of the largest companies. According to the company, 90% of all US citizens is only a 5-minute walk from a Kiosk. Today, more than 20,000 fully-automated, self-service kiosks are available in over 9 countries, of which 8.900 to large outlets, such as Walmart or Kroger. Through the partnership with Coinme, the kiosks for Bitcoin-Balance fit.

Co-founder and CEO of Coinme, Neil Bergquist, that this step makes it even more simple, in the new world of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies have to dive in (freely translated):

Bitcoin is now in your local grocery store via Coinstar kiosks to be accessible, and this offer will make it consumers even easier, in this dynamic new economy. The innovative delivery mechanism of Coinme, together with the flexible platform, Coinstar allows customers to purchase Bitcoin easily with cash.

Through this concept, people in everyday life are increasingly coming into contact with Bitcoin and the subject of digital currencies. Since the project is still at the beginning of its development, remains to be seen whether this large effect can be achieved.

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