Arnout Hauben hike Around The North sea

b80f14c7ec48db379bf67cdfa493d162 - Arnout Hauben hike Around The North sea

In this adventure travel program departs Arnout Hauben – along with cinematographer Philippe Niclaes and the sound engineer Ruben Callens – on a 5,000-kilometer-long trip around the North sea. Arnout is looking to the rich history of our North sea and collects startling stories located on and around the water have played.

Arnout experience, so many years after this date, again how the world wars were fought on and around the sea; hear stories about the arrival of the Vikings and the ill-fated superstormen; and see with their own eyes the consequences of the demise of fisheries, the arrival of the windmills and plastic pollution. Behind the Flemish coastline lies a vast water world which we barely know, a sea that the Belgian history has been made, and providing us with the French, English, Scots, Norwegians, Danes, Germans, and Dutch links. Also in the Netherlands, viewers will Arnouts adventures this year with large eyes can follow, by NPO2.

Around the North sea: later this spring on One.

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