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Antwerp Giants can finally get a good win, Kangaroos surprise Ostend (bis)

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Telenet Giants Antwerp has the top match of the 14th match day of the EuroMillions League against Charleroi won. By the defeat of the leader Oostende do the Inhabitants immediately a beautiful thing in the standings and settle, with still two games in front of the bow, in the top three. For a sterile Charleroi, it was the third consecutive defeat.

The first half brought an exciting course with Antwerp that almost always the lead bite. The Inhabitants lacked many triples, but defended tightly and had, after the first quarter, a 15-17-bonus bite. Matt Mobley came on strong of the bank of Charleroi and dropped a few triples (18-20), but with pots of Jae’Sean Tate and Vic Sanders went to 18-24. The Giants could not pushing yourself and Charleroi milderde halfway to a 27-29 retardation.

The Giants were bad out of the dressing room, members dispossessions and Charleroi ran after a 10-1 tussenspurt way to 37-30. The Inhabitants, however, were not committed and were using Paris Lee, Sanders, and Dave Dudzinski the connection. On the buzzer gave Lee after three quartz for an Antwerp 47-49. Matt Mobley came to the Spirous, but Alex Libert and Axel Hervelle held Charleroi to 58-56 in the lead. Antwerp showed, however, focus, stepped up the defense even more, and with fast basketball and through Dave Dudzinski and Ismael Bako went quickly to 58-65.

Charleroi – coach Niksa Bavcevic was, despite two time-outs, no pace in his team. Lee gave assists and Bako dunkte the Giants to a handsome victory on the road. Immediately the first victory of Telenet Giants Antwerp in Belgian winner this season. “We have the form of the Champions League now also Belgian to convert. Remain Constant with this young group is now the message,” said coach Roel Moors afterwards.

Charleroi-Antwerp Giants, 60-72

Man of the Match: Ismael Bako 17 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist

Charleroi: (21 of 58 shots, of which 9 are 26 triples, 9 on 18 vrijworpen and 19 errors), HAMMONDS 2-2, LIBERT 2-9, HUNT 2-4, LINHART 0-3, FORD 2-3, Mobley 16-5, Marnegrave 0-0, Marchant 2-0, Sorokas 0-0, Hervelle 1-7

Antwerp Giants: (27 of 53 shots, including 7 on 20 triples, 11 to 14 vrijworpen and 21 errors) LEE 0-13, KALINOSKI 2-0, SANDERS 7-3, BLADES 0-0, BAKO 6-11, Donkor 2-2, Dudzinski 5-9, Akyazili 0-0, Wine 0-1, Tate 7-4

Kangaroos bombard Ostend and win with buzzerbom

Coach Paul Vervaeck saw his players of Kangaroos Mechelen after five successive defeats with victory forge. They did that in style (80-82) on the grounds of defending champion Filou Ostend.

Cheatham pushed the visitors into an early 16-24-ahead. Ostend answered in six minutes with an impressive 23-2-rush them 39-26 front brought. With four bombs came the visitors again in the wake of the kustploeg: 41-40. But Ostend stepped with a 51-44 lead eventually to the locker room.

Fast gomden Olah and Chaetham, each with a bomb that difference complete: 51-57. The visitors, who also underlines the reboundduels dominated, continued long shots fire, and led at the half with nine units: 63-72. After Ostend to the 73-76 approached, gave Barton with a bomb the Kangaroos new oxygen. Djuriisc, Mwema, and Williams made sure that the Ostend approached to 78-79. Fieler seemed to be the victory to capture but the fifteenth Kangaroos-bomb, this time of Love, it was good for profits of the Kangaroos. Olah (14 points, 11 rebounds) was good for a double-double. Barton (6 to 9) and Cheatham (5 8) were the specialists over the driepuntlijn. Both of them scored even from eight to nine feet.

For Kangaroos Mechelen is the only the fifth victory in fourteen days. Of that quintet, there are two victories against Oostende. The Kangeoroes the new black beast of the Zeekapiteins?

FILOU OOSTENDE: (32 73 5 20 triples, 11 15 vrijworpen, 16 errors) LASISI 6-0, DJORDJEVIC 5-0, KESTELOOT 0-0, FIELER 3-9, MARIC 8-0, Williams 9-5, Schwartz 4-6, Buza 0-0, Mwema 7-3, Desiron 4-0, Djurisic 5-6.

KANGAROOS MECHELEN: (31 to 65, of which 15 to 34 triples, 5 on 5 vrijworpen, 18 errors) CHEATHAM 15-6, BARTON 11-12, LOVE 9-5, OLAH 7-7, CREPPY 0-2, Kanda 0-2, Vranes 2-4, Oveneke 0-0, Cebasek 0-0.

QUARTZ: 25-26, 26-18, 12-28, 17-10

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