Young people let Brexitmeerderheid tilt

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Today, Saturday 19 January, is Crossover Day in the Uk. There would be now more in favour of an extended Bit to stay in the EU than opponents, without that there is anyone of the opinion is changed.

According to the peilingbureau Yougov, there are meanwhile so many older people, especially Brexiteers, died. In the place there are enough young people voting, especially for ‘remain’ would have voted.

At 29 march, the day that Britain and the EU really must leave, with or without a deal, there are, according to those calculations, 100,000 people more to ‘remain’ than for Brexit.

According to Peter Kellner, commentator and former chairman of Yougov, is a specific definition of the word ‘the people’ used to justify ‘the verdict of the people must be respected’. “It includes those who since the referendum have died, and close to the 2 million new voters who were too young in 2016, but in march, old enough.’

YouGov goes on, the basis of the polls, assume that each year around 320,000 pro-Brexitstemmers and 160.000 pro-EU voters die. Those who did not vote was not counted. On the basis of a recent survey calculated Yougov that each year 395.000 young people voting for ‘remain’ would vote, and 60,000 for Brexit vote. On an annual basis means that for remainers a net profit of 235.000 votes, for the Brexiteers a loss of 260,000 votes, or the majority who Leave had, go there every year with 495.000 British on backwards, or 1.356 per day.

As calculated Yougov that the majority disappears 940 days after the referendum, on 19 January 2019.

In the meantime, it doesn’t look that there will be a second referendum, and certainly not before the end of march. According to British grondwetsspecialisten it takes at least 22 weeks to take all the necessary steps to go through, and even then only if a majority in the parliament behind a new referendum to implement.

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