Tourist LeMc this fall in Sportpaleis

fc05687925a8775776f4418288178525 - Tourist LeMc this fall in Sportpaleis

Was his album ‘en Route’ from 2015 is an incredible success story, one after the other hit single “King of Love”, “The Troubadours”, “en-Route” and the biggest hit from that album, “Horizon”, a double platinum award and a stirring concert in a sold out Lotto Arena in november 2016, then equals if not exceeds the Antwerp stadstroubadour’s latest album ‘We Understand each Other ” after barely 2 months after release and the success of its predecessor.

Just for Tourist LeMC Friday night the stage of the sold-out Lotto Arena, entered, he received from the hands of his label Top Notch / Universal Music a gold record. With more than 4 million albumstreams and a #1 entry in release in the Ultratop albumchart a beautiful merit. Thanks to that first topsingle of the album “Mirror” feat. Raymond van het Groenewoud. 4 MIA-nominations (Dutch-speaking / Solo Man / Urban / Album to confirm that. Wait and see what the 7 February.

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