Thousands of Poles took leave of the mayor of Gdansk

6c59268156ce2fa50f7dfe66eb86441f - Thousands of Poles took leave of the mayor of Gdansk

Thousands of Poles have Saturday in the port city of Gdansk, a final honor expressed to mayor Pawel Adamowicz. Sunday was the politician attacked during a charity event.

Adamowicz was buried in the gigantic st mary’s Church, in the centre of the city. Some 3,500 people attended the ceremony, among them former president Lech Walesa, in Gdansk, the independent trade union Solidarnosc founded. The church is also the final resting place of the mayor.

The afscheidsplechtigheid is broadcast live by the biggest Polish tv channels. At various places in Gdansk are big screens, and also in other Polish cities are large screens drawn up.

Until 2015 was Adamowicz, member of the liberal citizens ‘ platform, but he left that party and was ever since an independent politician.

During a live broadcast charity event was Adamowicz Sunday on the stage attacked and stabbed in the heart and the belly. A day later he died in the hospital. The 27-year-old attacker is prosecuted for murder, with the alleged motive of revenge.

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