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Standard creeps against Kortrijk through the eye of the needle thanks to the gift of the VAR and let goal Luyindama

d102b5364ff7e02525dc40ccabf94cb8 - Standard creeps against Kortrijk through the eye of the needle thanks to the gift of the VAR and let goal Luyindama

Already had Standard in the battle for PO1 is almost precious points. Again, due to a lack of efficiency: Kortrijk was the first half played away, but Chevalier had for the 0-1 ensured. Finally got the Rouches the profits, after a questionable penalty kick and a hit in injury time.

Kortrijk had under Yves Vanderhaeghe in the league is still not lost six matches in a row. And it looked to be a 90-minute drive to out that there at Sclessin no end would come, the CHAMBER of commerce seemed to come away with a gevleide 1-1. But then found Lestienne Luyindama and who cared anyway for 12 on 12.

The Rouches, strengthened by a nine to nine and two victories over their Spanish oefenstage, withdrew from the first minute in the direction Bruzzese, the Liège eternal bankzitter – 226-matching, all by the departure of Kaminski now once full are got a chance as no. 1. Standard, with Bastien in the place of the suspended Marin, overwhelmed with fresh and varied attack to the extent of the visitors that it is just waiting for that first goal. But that was there but not. Laifis, Emond, Fai, Carcela, again Emond… they got there but the ball is not in. Kortrijk and stronger for every ball, the many minor mistakes, you had to be there.

After the first twenty minutes became Kortrijk a little better in the contest, without any threat, however. And then there was suddenly one sharp counter. Van Der Bruggen was neatly Chevalier, in the point with a useful Avenatti behind. Against Zulte Waregem and already lifesaver and focus on training, Vanderhaeghe was a move worth. The Frenchman picked up the ball from Van Der Bruggen perfect, and finished cleverly in the corner. His third of the season and 0-1, sure enough, that had no one in the stadium expected. Almost beat the Rouches right back but the deviation from Emond via Mpoku was rightly rejected. So Kortrijk to the rest is very flattered with 0-1 in the changing rooms.

The Rouches were, however, still 45 minutes to put things right. But the first chances were for Kortrijk: Ochoa had a shot of Chevalier from the corner to pick it up and Mboyo headed next. And then began the Liège rush. Soon with success, when the VAR in the shoulder of Mboyo in the 16 meters, a handsbal saw. Emond put the penalty kick.

The Rouches at all in steam now, Kortrijk came from. And loved almost stand also. To Lestienne in the slotminuut Luyindama found and the Congolese Player of the Year, for the first time this season, the Standard in the final stage, saved. A promising victory for the Standard that for a heavy triptych Antwerp-Anderlecht-Genk. The visitors have now next week against Gent, ex-team of Vanderhaeghe, their last shot at glory on PO1-dream probheren to keep afloat. Still curious how the Rouches almost by a lack of efficiency with points morsten. But eventually got Preud’homme, Thursday 60, still have his birthday present.

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