Slongs has finally successor of Good Day

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Slongs has finally found a successor ready for the gold award-winning album ‘Good Day’, when she still Dievanongs used. Also the new single featuring Raymond van het Groenewoud is on it, just like the featuring Jack Parow.

For her new single ‘What You Do With Me ” popped up Slongs in the studio with Raymond van het Groenewoud. “Raymond van het Groenewoud had asked me to put together a song to write for his latest album (to be released in 2017). That was the ‘Bonestaakdans’. Our click was so good that we decided to also put it on my new album to work together,” said the singer. “For the single ‘What You Do With Me,’ we left the chorus in which Raymond the soul out of his body cries out and then has the rest of the song is quickly completed. It’s about toxic relationships where you have 2 sides of a magnet. About attracting and repelling. We have the song already in 2017 created and was subsequently also the first song that we are in the studio recording for my new album. Meanwhile, there is that dreaded second album #GOEGAAN a fact!!! Blood, sweat, tears, self-doubt, social pressures, build up, break down, start from scratch, yourself empty, dig deep, let go, hold fast, to persevere and not give up. “From then on it is spielerei!”, said Raymond to me while he of his coffee sipped, and still a piece of cake to within played. I want to sincerely thank. He realizes maybe not how much he has contributed to my writing process, but I know it will and I will never forget!

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