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Red Lions lose first match of the new Pro League hockey

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The Red Lions their first match since last month, world champion, could not win. In their first match of the Pro League, a new hockeycompetitie, lost to the Lions of Spain. It looked, however, for a long time, but in the last minute gave the Belgians a double edge road: it was 2-2 after regular time, the shoot-out Spain with a 2-0 win.

The Lions started exploratory qualities to the contest. The Spanish couldn goalkeeper Vanasch so a few times on the test set. In the second quarter were the Lions better in the match, but Tom Boon was able to close the 0-1 not binnenschieten. 0-0 was the idle.

In the beginning of the third quarter were the Spaniards with the score open, but the Lions escaped: from the repetition showed that goalscorer Xavi Lleonart the ball over the dead ball line had played. A fluke for the Lions, who immediately afterwards, however, scored through Maxime Plennevaux. In the fourth quarter was by Hendrickx 0-2. The booty seemed to be within for the Lions, but three mad slotminuten, the Spaniards came even alongside: with ten seconds on the clock was the 2-2 on the board.

By the tie had to be a shoot-out decision. The maximum number of three points could the Lions and the Spanish doesn’t have to gain: the winner of a shoot-out will get two points, the loser one. The Lions came in the shoot-out soon 0-2 behind. Vanasch could then take two times the Spaniards plugging, but score did the other Lions not: it was 0-2, allowing the Lions only one point to take after their first match in the Pro League.

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